Love your Leftovers! Favorite Meals that Save Time, Money & Effort


Meals that save time, money and effort because they’re delicious on days two, three. . .



What you’ll get:


16 recipes that are delicious on subsequent days, because leftovers:


  • Simplify my morning as they’re packed up the night before and ready to go.
  • Taste better on day two or three, like the Eggplant & Tomato Curry, Barley Soup and Cauliflower Mac n’ Cheese.
  • Save a lot of money.
  • Minimize food waste.
  • Are often more satisfying and nutritious than what I might eat instead.


This collection of favorite dishes spans the globe with a deeply fragrant Red Lentil Dal to Stir-fried Ramen Noodles to Tomato & Eggplant Curry. Make one of the stews or soups on Sunday as well as a vinaigrette and cook a pot of chickpeas or barley. Then on Tuesday turn the barley into either the Winter Squash Soup or the Barley Salad. Thursday make a Frittata with whatever vegetables you have on hand and Friday make the Stir-fried Ramen Noodles or Cauliflower Mac n’ Cheese. I promise you’ll be eating well!


Some of the dishes in this collection take 30-60 minutes to prepare but the upfront time pays off when all you need to do is re-heat and enjoy. And if you want to cut down on cooking time check out my E-book A Little Prep, A Lot of Freedom for how to prep and then cook on the fly with some of the basics like beans, grains, and vinaigrettes/sauces.


Happy cooking & enjoy those leftovers!


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