A Little Prep, A Lot of Freedom: Cook With What You Have!


Prep for 1 hour, mix and match to suit your needs




What you’ll get:

7 basic elements & a plan to prep them in 1 hour

dozens of ideas of how to use the prepped elements to pull together meals

11 Recipes–all templates that you can make your own or vary as seasons change


This is a book about getting to be creative and eating well because you’re prepared. It’s about really cooking by using your senses and preferences within whatever constraints you have. It’s kind of the antithesis to meal planning in that you prep building blocks not knowing what exactly you’ll do with them but that they are there for you, for any need that arises. It’s how my family eats often–different base ingredients, different sauces, same method of balancing flavor and texture! 


This book suggests how to prep seven basic elements in a concentrated amount of time–one hour, give or take. Between the toasted seeds, the fresh herbs, the savory beans and bright sauces you’ll have texture and flavor galore. You’ll need to add some bulk in the form of grains, tofu, meat or fish and then mix and match as you see fit. Then use these prepped elements as suggested in the recipe templates or come up with your own ideas. 


These templates accommodate the seasons as they change. Right now you might have green beans and tomatoes, but in a few months you can substitute winter squash and Brussels sprouts. And a good vinaigrette or sauce never goes out of season! 


Happy prepping and cooking and assembling what you have!



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