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“Just a quick note to say that we finished dinner with your Winter Salad (plus lamb chops), and it was fabulous! After several servings each, we stood and downed the rest while rinsing dishes! We love most of your salads, but this was a total bell-ringer for us!”
– Dave & Barbara
“My husband and I are both big fans of your recipes! We use them almost every week. Even though I’m vegan and gluten free, there are always new ideas to try or are easily modified to fit my diet. Your ideas really help us to eat all our CSA vegetables. For example, the simple idea of sauteeing kholrabi in (vegan) butter and dressing with lemon juice was just fantastic.”
– Devra

I love cooking with what’s in season and what my pantry offers up on any given day. This is why I created the Seasonal Recipe Collection that will help you get creative and comfortable cooking on the fly.


– Katherine Deumling, founder of Cook with What You Have