About: Strawberries

You know about strawberries! You can’t wait to get your hands on that first pint and if your CSA has them, even better. I need not tell you much. They are of course a storied crop here in Oregon–the Hood having been developed at OSU–still one of the most flavorful strawberries ever. Oregon strawberries tend to be exceptionally flavorful, sweet and intense.



Strawberries don’t lend themselves to baking as well as raspberries or blackberries do. They are wonderful in a strawberry rhubarb pie or in a strawberry summer cake or roasted in a tart. However, I think they’re more suited to fresh eating, in strawberry short cake, made into ice cream or sorbet, in fruit salad (sweet and savory), or made into jam, syrup or roasted compote. They freeze well and are such a treat to thaw mid-winter.