About: Parsley

Parsley is my go-to herb. It’s so hearty and generous and self sufficient. Parsley is much more than the tired garnish on a restaurant plate–it can be a few stems in a vegetable broth, a hefty dollop of Italian Salsa Verde on a plate of eggs or to finish a soup; a pool of chimichurri sauce on a steak, finely chopped in egg salad or with roasted red peppers, as a salad green….


I very rarely pick the leaves off the stems. I just chop off the stems where the leaves end and toss the ratty, more fibrous ends or use them in stock. Only if I’m adding whole parsley leaves to a salad do I pick the leaves.


When parsley isn’t prolific in my yard–a few months in the dead of winter–I buy bunches and keep them in plastic in the fridge. Parsley keeps quite well, much better than more tender herbs like cilantro.