About: Celery Root (Celeriac)

The flavor and adaptability of celery root more than make up for its homely appearance. It is probably best known for the classic French celery root remoulade, but it is also wonderful roasted and added to a salad or mashed with other root vegetables.


When you get a celery root in your CSA share or at the farmers market you may be lucky and find some stalks and leaves (that resemble celery leaves) still attached. These are delicious–in moderation as they are quite strong–finely chopped and added to soup or stock.


Celery root keeps well in the refrigerator in a plastic bag. It is a bit tricky to peel but a paring knife works well–they’re a bit lumpy for a vegetable peeler. You can also cut them in chunks and lay them cut side down on a cutting board and use a chef’s knife to slice away the roots and skin.