About: Cabbage (Green, Red, Savoy)

Cabbage is an unsung hero and so many cultures do so many wonderful things with cabbage–from kimchi to sauerkraut and cole slaw to Portuguese caldo verde to Japanese okonomiyaki–there’s never a shortage of ideas for what to do with this wonderful vegetable. It’s delicious simply roasted, in soups, or in a slaw.


It keeps so well that you have plenty of time to use it up once you have it. Keep it in plastic in the fridge and it should be good for many weeks and you can always remove the outermost layers if they look ratty.


The most common kinds of cabbage are red, green and savoy (same shape typically as the others but with crinkly leaves). Green and Savoy can be used interchangeably and sometimes so can red. Classic cabbage dishes like cabbage rolls or gratins typically use green or savoy, not red.