Workplace Wellness
What makes a healthy, happy and productive employee?

Cook With What You Have brings a joyful approach to food and a focus on flavor and flexibility and fresh produce.


Cook With What You Have elevates your team's wellness offerings through a holistic approach to wellbeing. CWWYH fosters learning and creativity and personal growth. By building skill and confidence to eat well every day we create productive and healthy employees.

Attract and retain talented employees with a focus on community and culture and resources that support their well-being at work and at home.

Cook With What You Have offers employees inspiration and tools to cook simple, delicious and nutritious meals in a variety of ways:

The Seasonal Recipe Collection This online resource is accessible to employees around the globe. It offers a flexible approach to cooking and eating and is organized by vegetable. Eating more vegetables has a direct impact on health and is what people struggle with the most. Recipes and tips are flexible to account for people’s preferences and pantries. This approach, that encourages substitutions and variations and minimizes last-minute trips to the store, is creative and forgiving and develops more creative and confident cooks. This in turn leads to sustainable habits and are not a passing, unsustainable fad.

Registered Dietitian Cook with What You Have’s experienced and accessible RD is available to participants, offering ideas for modifications to recipes or general nutrition support for specific medical diagnoses or restrictions. Her work is based on published research and her professional experience.

Cooking Classes/Demonstrations Cook With What You Have CEO Katherine Deumling is a dynamic teacher. She offers a variety of cooking classes and demonstrations to get people into the kitchen and set them up for long term success.

Presentations/Keynote Talks

  • How can we nourish ourselves and our families as busy parents and professionals?
  • How savvy shopping and cooking can support your financial wellness goals.
  • How can food/nutrition support us during illness? As a breast cancer survivor, Katherine brings her lived experience and deep knowledge of food to the topic of illness and stress.
  • As a local food advocate she speaks about food systems, equity and access to good food, and how are food choices matter.
Past and present Workplace Wellness clients include Columbia Sportswear, Legacy Health Systems’ Live It! Program, Metropolitan Group, Miller Nash Graham and Dunn LLP, FoodCorps, Clackamas County, Oregon Food Bank, POIC, and Organically Grown Company (OGC).

Workplace Wellness Cost

Each company or NGO has unique needs. Prices are informed by the number of employees and the mix of services desired. Please contact Cook With What You Have for details.


Speaking Engagements

Katherine is available to speak at conferences and events in the Pacific Northwest.


Community Work

Katherine works with a variety of community partners; teaching, cooking and advocating for good food for all. Partners include Street Roots, POIC, Ecotrust and CSA Partnerships for Health.


Private Classes

Katherine occasionally teaches private cooking class. Contact Cook With What You Have for details.

"I've looked for other online recipes, but it’s not the same as this unique resource for seasonal produce. I love Katherine's teaching, she has inspired "cook with what you have" which means I am more relaxed and have more fun cooking, not running to the store for some ingredient or having to follow a recipe. More local farms have gotten my money, since it tastes so good. My family likes it too."
"I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I enjoyed the lunch class on Tuesday. It was phenomenal. One of the aspects of Clackamas County that drew me to it was the wellness benefits, and this course was fantastic. I would go to this weekly if it was offered."
"I love this unique resource for cooking with seasonal produce! I like the idea that we can eat sustainably, but it also has to be delicious to get my family on board. Your recipes are tasty, healthy and quick; they also inspire me to be creative to fit individual tastes and ingredients we happen to have on hand. Thank you!"