Picnics & Potlucks: Simple, Delicious Pantry-Driven Dishes


12 recipes/templates for any occasion




Potluck food can be a mixed bag! I like to bring something I really want to eat and

since there are always plenty of cold cuts and cookies (though I include a favorite

quick cookie recipe here!) I round things out with creative, vegetable and herb-rich

dishes. This collection features some of my beloved, quick standbys for these



I sometimes forget that I have to bring something until the last minute so my well-stocked

kitchen means I have options! In addition to typical pantry items, always

stocking fresh herbs–or better yet growing some–makes all the difference in

pulling together something delicious.


All the dishes are good at room temperature and many are finger foods. Most hold

up well over several hours and don’t need refrigeration (with the exception of

deviled eggs). These are flavorful, nutrient dense dishes that you can embellish to

be show-stoppers but are delicious and reliable as is.


Many of these dishes are also templates, meaning you can use them as a

framework or guide and adapt them to suit your taste, dietary restrictions or what

you happen to find in your cupboards or garden. So, before you run to the store

thinking you have nothing to make, look around your kitchen and create

something tasty with what you already have!


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