All About the Sauce! Quick Sauces Using Pantry Staples & Fresh Herbs


So much flavor, no take-out packaging, affordable and flexible!



What you’ll get:

-7 sauce recipes

-6 recipes that use the sauces in creative and delicious ways


Sauces pack lots of flavor, are affordable to make and so flexible. This collection focuses on quick, mostly uncooked sauces using pantry staples and fresh herbs.


Are you spending a lot on take-out? Tired of all the packaging and waste? Bored with the sauces/dressings you make? Need some fresh ideas to keep cooking from the pantry interesting?


Why Sauce?

  • Take something plain and make it delicious–a bowl of rice just needs some peanut sauce!
  • Easy to make with ingredients already in your pantry
  • Herbs wilting in your fridge? Turn them into a sauce.
  • Vary them to suit your taste and what you have on hand. Out of peanut butter? Use tahini!
  • Eat more delicious food!


Have fun experimenting with these recipe templates, making them your own and then use them with abandon.


Happy sauce making!


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