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Katherine Deumling shopping for fresh produce at a Portland Oregon Farmers Market.

The Cook With What You Have Seasonal Recipe Collection

Are you in a cooking rut? Do your vegetables sometimes wilt in the fridge before you can get to them? For $35/year the Seasonal Recipe Collection  gives you access to a collection of recipes that will allow you to make the most of your time in the kitchen. The collection includes:


  • 15-50 recipes for each vegetable in one place so you don’t have to browse half-a-dozen sites to find a recipe.
  • Recipes tested with farm-fresh produce that combine vegetables and herbs that you will typically find together at the market or in your CSA share.
  • Recipes written in a style that is flexible and adaptable.
  • A brief weekly newsletter with seasonal tips, links and ideas for what to cook each week.
  • Recipes that give you a foundation to use what you have on hand, saving you last minute trips to the store, and reducing your grocery bill.
  • Recipes for each vegetable, from the less familiar to the common, are inspired by flavors and styles from around the world, from salads to soups to braises and pickles.
  • A simple, intuitive architecture that makes searching for recipes quick and may lead you to inspiring new ideas.
Level Price  
Individual Subscription $35.00 per Year. Select


Need a gift for your favorite cook/eater? Give the gift of good food via a subscription to the Seasonal Recipe Collection!


(Where’s the fine print? It’s hiding here!)

You’ll find ideas, techniques and recipes for the items that entice then stump us – the Japanese salad turnips, chicories, fava beans or summer squash for-the-10th-week-in-a-row – as well as more common vegetables. I’ve created recipes that often combine vegetables (and fruits) that are harvested at the same time and that you’re likely to encounter in your CSA box or at a local market.


Notes: Tags like vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc are not typically used because most recipes can be adapted to suit a wide variety of tastes, preferences and needs. 


An individual subscription is for your and your household’s use (or for your CSA members’  if you have a Farm Subscription) and not for distribution beyond that. Thank you!

CSA Farms

Do your members want to know what to do with some of your less familiar produce? Do you agonize over including relevant recipes in each share? Would your time be better spent doing other work on the farm? Farm that added value out to Cook With What You Have and have hundreds of tested recipes available for your members 24 hours a day.


CSA Farm Membership prices are calculated based on season length, # of shares. Please contact me for details.


The Farm Membership enables CSA Farmers to share log-in details with the their members for access to the full site of 750 + recipes plus tips, pantry stocking suggestions and weekly ideas and links on the home page to direct you to the most seasonally relevant dishes, preserving tips and quick methods to put dinner on the table.


Recipes and tips are written with an eye toward flexibility, giving your members ideas of how to substitute one vegetable for another (onions instead shallots, turnip greens instead of spinach . . .). scale up or down, and creatively use what’s in their pantry so that pulling together dinner can be simple and satisfying.


In addition to years spent cooking in Italy, Germany and Mexico, I’ve worked for years with CSA farms in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and Portland area (including Sun Gold FarmSauvie Island Organics47th Ave. Farm, Love Farm OrganicsMinto Island Growers, Full Plate Farm, and around the country and in Canada Mud Creek Farm, The Good Earth Farm, Laughing Crow OrganicsJoy Haven Farm and many more) creating customized recipes for their share members. I want to make truly seasonal eating, whether via the farmers’ market or the CSA model an enjoyable and practical experience for more people. By offering tips, recipes and simple and creative ways to use the produce I hope to eliminate any fear or guilt of not using all the produce (you’ll use it all and then some!) or the boredom of making stir-fries every night.


Fine print: We don’t share any of your information! You will receive occasional newsletters highlighting new recipes and ideas. Can you get a refund once subscribed for a one-year subscription? No, unfortunately not. Your membership will automatically renew 1 year after you subscribed (unless you are a farmer or a business and then you have a customized subscription). You can manage your account information on the site and change your subscription status (before your renewal!) if you’d like. We’re very happy you’re a member and will do everything we can to make your membership relevant and inspiring and fun! Back to form.

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