About: Turnips

We typically have two kinds of turnips in markets and farm shares. The Japanese salad turnip or Hakurei turnip, and the purple topped turnip.


The Hakurei turnips rarely need peeling and have creamy white flesh that is sweet, tender and crisp. The greens are often still attached, especially early in the season. The greens  are also delicious and tender and should be used soon after harvest for best flavor. They don’t keep as well as the roots.


Both kinds of turnips are delicious simply sautéed until tender in a little olive oil or butter. They are delicious added grated raw to slaws, pickled, or diced to stir fries or curries.


The purple topped turnip is typically harvested in late fall and shows up throughout the winter. It does usually need to be peeled but is also sweet and crisp but a bit firmer than the Hakurei. It is good both raw and cooked.