About: Tomatoes

There are too many wonderful varieties to list and too many cooking and preservation methods to count. I will focus on my favorite ways to use this treasured fruit, that originated in Mexico and has spread around the world, enlivening cuisines as it went.


The small, cherry-type often show up first and are typically eaten as is or cut in half and added to salads or tossed with oil and vinegar and basil and salt. The little ones practically turn into candy when roasted in the oven in a pie pan for 30 minutes at hight heat, elevating anything they touch.


Sliced raw on sandwiches, in sauces, braises, soups (Gazpacho to Bouillabaisse), savory jams and tarts round out my repertoire. Slicer tomatoes as well as Roma make delicious sauces. There are certainly preparations that are more suited to one type versus another–it takes much longer to cook down a sauce with slicers but if that’s what you have and you want sauce, well make it. It will be delicious. Saucing types are typically sweeter cooked. A good way to preserve tomatoes is to roast and freeze.


Avoid refrigerating tomatoes–they get cottony and loose some of their sweetness. Keeping them cool, basement temperature–is good if you have a lot to work through, otherwise a bowl on the counter is typically fine.