About: Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoesIn the last few years more and more farmers have been growing sweet potatoes in the Pacific Northwest¬†even though our climate can be challenging for this crop. Their texture tends to be a bit firmer than the sweet potatoes I’ve had from the grocery stores, keeping their shape well even in stews and roasted, and the flavor is delicate and lovely.


Sweet potato fries seasoned with cumin and chili powder dipped in homemade aioli is sure winner. They enliven tagines, stews, salads and gratins and of course make a wonderful mash and sweeten and moisten muffins and quick breads.


Sweet potatoes should never be refrigerated and they in fact like to be warm so just keep them in a bowl on the counter. They do keep well and you can cut out any small blemishes that appear. Once you start peeling them the exposed flesh oxidizes quickly but this will not effect the taste in any way.