About: Spinach

One of the conveniences I miss from my time spent in Italy is balls of cooked spinach sold at markets and delis. Italians use a lot of spinach–to make feather light ricotta gnocchi, risotto, lasagnes, savory custards, etc.


One pound of raw spinach typically cooks down into one generous cup of cooked spinach. Washing and cooking spinach is not particularly odious but it is surprising  how much it cooks down. But then when you have it, the joy of tender spinach with a little garlic or butter makes it all worth while. Spinach is fantastic in risotto, added to scrambled eggs, or in a soup. Other classic spinach dishes include Indian sag paneer and Greek spanakopita.


It’s rich in antioxidants and in many vitamins and minerals. Spinach keeps for a few days in the refrigerator in plastic but don’t forget about it. It looses its magic after 4-5 days.