About: Sweet Peppers (Bell, Jimmy Nardello, Gypsy, Italian Frying)

peppers sweet roasters and jimmy n
Jimmy Nardellos (the skinny ones) and red, roasters.

An Italian dish of simply roasted peppers dressed with minced garlic, parsley and good olive oil is a summer favorite. Peppers are wonderful on pizza or pickled and on a sandwich or raw and diced in a salad or roasted and pureed into Romesco sauce.


One of my favorite varieties is the Jimmy Nardello pepper. It is very fragrant and sweet but not as suited to roasting and peeling as the thicker-fleshed Italian frying pepper, as its skin and flesh is quite thin. Jimmy Nardellos are best fried in a bit of olive oil until tender or sliced thinly and eaten raw. The wider, more triangular and slightly thicker-fleshed Italian frying pepper (photo above) is wonderful roasted and peeled and then used any number of ways.


Gypsy peppers grow prolifically here and are versatile as well–good for stuffing as they are often a little bigger, as well as roasting or using raw. They are typically pale yellow with a hint of green or red.


Peppers tend to keep well in the fridge in plastic unless it’s late in the season and then they can develop soft (rotten) spots quickly so check frequently and cut the spots out right away. The rest of the pepper will be just fine.