About: Pea Shoots


Pea shoots, also sometimes called pea tendrils or tips, are the tender leafy shoots of the pea plant (usually snap or snow peas) that can be harvested before the pods are formed and ripe. The leaves, tendrils and sometimes buds and blossoms will be included in the bunch. They are sweet and vegetal and delicious both raw and very briefly sautéed or blanched or roasted (on a pizza).


There can be a few tough stems and spiral tendrils in the mix so don’t be surprised if you get a really fibrous bite. You might discard all the bigger stems if they seem tough. Just taste them raw or even just sift through them with your hands–you’ll get the hang of what the tough ones feel/taste like.


Pea shoots have a short season so take advantage of them while you can. I love them in a risotto or quickly sautéed with a little green garlic and finished with toasted sesame oil.