About: Lettuce (Red, Green, Romaine, Butter)

Lettuce, ubiquitous lettuce! We all likely know how to make a simple salad–one of the loveliest things to have at a any dinner or lunch table. Having a CSA or a nearby farmers’ market allows one to take advantage of this pleasure regularly. Our farmers are growing a dizzying variety of lettuce and most of them are interchangeable in the recipes below.


I have my go-to vinaigrette or two that I love but am always rewarded when I try something new, whether it’s a different dressing or new seeds or nuts. I am also a big fan of adding herbs, in great quantity to green salads. Even though we think of lettuce almost exclusively raw, it can make for a lovely light soup or as a last minute addition to a risotto, for instance.


You do have to stay on top of your lettuce if you get a CSA and there is an entire post on lettuce management in case you find yourself a bit overwhelmed by it. If you don’t think you’ll get through your lettuce in a few days, I suggest washing the leaves well and then rolling them up in cotton dishtowels and then putting those in a plastic bag in the fridge.