About: Cucumbers (slicing, pickling, lemon)

Juicy, summery, good for snacks, pickles, cocktails as well as salads and even delicious braised, cucumbers are versatile. Indian raita and Greek tzatziki are two of my favorite things to make with cucumbers, both using plain yogurt.


Pickling cucumbers have quite a rough skin but you never peel them. A good scrub will remove the rough bits. Pickling cukes especially can be bitter, though often it’s only the ends that are so ditch those before you toss the whole thing. Bitter cukes can ruin a batch of pickles so taste the ends as you’re preparing them.


Some recipes also call for removing the seeds of slicing cucumbers to eliminate some of the moisture in the dish. This is easy to do with a teaspoon. With lemon cucumbers the juicy, seedy part is the point so don’t try seeding lemon cucumbers.