About: Chives

Chives are one of the first things to show up in the spring and they are so sweet and tender. Chives are perennials and pretty hardy and just show up amidst the brown leaves and detritus of winter. They are an allium just like onions, greens onions, leeks and garlic. They are quite mild and add a fresh, vegetal note to most anything.


Chives are a classic garnish for soups such as potato leek soup, delicious in a frittata, and a lovely addition to a salad. Add chives to lemony home-made aioli and then dip asparagus or green beans or any steamed or raw vegetable in it for the perfect spring treat. Chive flowers are edible and a beautiful addition to any salad or egg or fish dishes. They are mild and sweet and have a bit more texture than the chives themselves.

aioli with chives
Homemade aioli with plenty of chives is the perfect dip for most any vegetable.