About: Chard (Swiss Chard)


Chard is a gorgeous, glossy, leafy green that is a workhorse in the kitchen and very nutritious. It’s closely related to the beet but is bred for the leaves rather than for the roots. Chard’s stems should not be overlooked or discarded. They are substantial and delicious on the their own in a gratin or chopped and used in most anything you’re making with the leaves.


A chard frittata with a bit of feta or goat cheese is 15-minute meal that is delicious and elegant. Chard can be used to make pesto, added to soups and Indian dahls towards the end of cooking, or made into vegetable patties.  It’s almost always eaten cooked though tender young leaves are delicious raw in salads.


Chard tends to keep quite well in a plastic bag in the refrigerator as long as it doesn’t dry out and wilt.