About: Celery

celeryCelery, onion and carrot (Italian soffrito) is the foundation for some of the most spectacular soups and sauces. In addition to providing a rich flavor base celery can also shine in salads and other dishes and of course in stuffing, the great American Thanksgiving tradition.


Celery from the CSA or farmers’ market will likely include more leaves (wonderful for soups or to flavor meatballs or vegetable and egg dishes) and have a slightly more robust flavor. It also may be a bit stringier, but a quick peel takes care of that.


Celery keeps well. It’s a great vegetable to have on hand to deepen the flavor of many dishes. Once you have it I’m sure you will start adding it to dishes you never knew needed it (fried rice!).


Celery is a wonderful source of fiber, vitamin K, vitamin A, folate, potassium, and many other vitamins and minerals. Celery has also been shown to lower both cholesterol and blood pressure.