About: Apples


Apples are the quintessential snack, and a mighty good one when it’s from your CSA or the market. I’m sure we all have our favorite things to do with apples but here are a few ideas, including a few savory ones.


Early in the season here in the Willamette Valley you might encounter Transparents, the earliest variety and one that is very light and delicate and best eaten soon after it’s picked as it tends to get mushy with time. They make a lovely, light apple sauce.


Then come the Gravensteins, the king of apples according to my father, that make the most delicious apple sauce. They keep their shape well when baked into a pie or crisp as well. They do spoil fairly quickly so use them as soon as you can.


Later in the season many other varieties ripen including my favorite apple the Spitzenberg, a wonderful storage apple that does not get mushy.


Apples keep best in a  cool environment such as the refrigerator or a cool basement or root cellar.