Cauliflower with Pumpkin Seed and Herb Pesto

When you have a flavorful pesto or sauce on hand or have a few minutes to make one, it can turn most anything into a delicious dish. This is the pumpkin seed and cilantro/parsley pesto thinned down with plain yogurt, over boiled cauliflower (that happened to be a green variety), garnished with more toasted pumpkin seeds.   You could do the same with broccoli, roasted winter squash, cabbage, potatoes, sweet potatoes etc.  ... Read more »

Salmon with Chard and Parsley Pesto and Lemon

You can bake, pan sear or grill the fish, all with good results though timing will vary and you'll want to keep a close eye on it as it's terribly easy to overcook. The pesto gets thinned with lemon juice and provides a wonderful crust/sauce for the fish. A classic basil pesto works here as well but I really like this lighter, milder version with blanched chard, parsley and sorrel--you can just use chard as well. ... Read more »

Mint and Hazelnut Pesto

The combination of toasted nuts, cheese, oil, garlic and herbs, leafy greens or even beets, processed into a chunky loose sauce or a smooth puree elevates most anything. This version with lots of fresh mint, toasted hazelnuts and lemon zest and juice and plenty of new garlic is good with chicken, beef or roasted beets or tossed with spring onions and potatoes for a twist on potato salad. This pesto oxidizes quickly so the color will fade but ... Read more »

About: Garlic Scapes

In late spring/early summer hard neck garlic plants produce a flower stalk called scapes or whistles. Sometimes they are straight and sometimes quite curly.   Garlic scapes are juicy and mild and much like green garlic, they can be used more liberally than mature garlic and are wonderful as a pesto or as additions to soups, sauces, egg and cheese dishes or stir fries. Unlike mature garlic, garlic scap... Read more »

About: Green Garlic

Green garlic is often one of the first signs of spring in farmers' markets in the Northwest. Green garlic is simply the immature stalk of garlic before the cloves really start to form. It looks a bit like a skinny leek or green onion and you can use the whole thing when they're quite young. As the stalks get a little thicker and tiny cloves start to form you can peel off the outer layer or two but still use the stalk as well.   The... Read more »

Sauvie Island Organics Recipes & Tips

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Nettle Pesto

Nettles are earthy and grassy tasting and do quite well in pesto form. A little splash of lemon juice or vinegar brightens the pesto up nicely.  You can spread the pesto on toast, stir it into eggs or add it to a frittata or dress cooked grains or beans with it.... Read more »

Escarole, Leek and Potato Soup with Parsley "Pistou"

This is a pretty, green-flecked soup topped with more green in the form of the parsley garnish. Pistou is sort of a French version of pesto (usually without nuts) made with basil and used to top soups. This lemony parsley version brightens up this simple, creamy (no cream) soup. ... Read more »

Green Beans, Potatoes, Basil and Parmesan

This dish is very similar to this one that uses a classic pesto. Here, however, you skip the nuts, you roughly chop the rest of the pesto ingredients and can make it even if you don't have enough basil for a proper pesto. You can also skip the potatoes and just use green beans. ... Read more »

Pasta with Fava Greens "Pesto" and Bacon

A lovely, quick dish for the brief fava top season.... Read more »