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February 18, 2020

I will most certainly just enjoy my first parsnips of this year in this simple, roasted form.


You could use any number of vegetables this week such as cabbage, turnips, carrots and onions in this quick teriyaki chicken or tofu dish.

Or make this beef stew using your turnips, carrots and maybe some parsnips.

For a distant & wintry cousin to tabouleh make this quinoa salad with roasted winter veg and lots of parsley and lemon.

You could use your collards and some of your cabbage for this lovely, simple braise.

How about some roasted winter squash hummus of sorts?!

Or winter squash and peanut stew!


February 4, 2020

You got a giant winter squash this week! You can roast some or all of it. If you roast a lot at once you can then freeze some of it for future soups or my favorite pumpkin bread.


Make this salad with your chicory. The dates, walnuts and oranges (or apples) provide sweetness and crunch. It’s a delicious combination.

You could employ almost any of the vegetables in the share this week: radishes, carrots, potatoes, kohlrabi and onion and even beets in this grated vegetable saute.

Or make Black Radish & Scallion Pancakes.

Because my kid is not a fan of a number of winter vegetables, I deploy them in Fried Rice with great success. Radish, kohlrabi are both well suited.

This soup would be wonderful for these cold days and the kale raab a sweet, green addition.

You never go wrong with this simpliest of kohlrabi dishes.

I love this salad. The golden raisins (or dried cranberries) are key.

Marina di Chioggia is one of my favorite winter squash varieties. It’s meaty, dense and sweet. It would be wonderful roasted and topped with this simple sauce.

It’s also good in a Thai-style red curry.



January 21, 2020

Use some of your carrots and celery root to make this hearty salad.

I can eat a lot of celery root, roasted with a little coriander and finished with lemon.

Or combine your butternut squash and celery root in this delicious gratin.

Quickly sauteed sugarloaf chicory is delicious, with a good squeeze of lemon juice to finish.

You can also use it in this salad with some of your butternut squash.

I’ve been making caesar salad w/ various chicories this winter and sugarloaf makes an excellent one (toss in some raddicchio for color if you have some).

This Brussels Sprout Pasta “Risotto” w/ Bacon is ridiculously good.

Or make a bowl of this lemony Brussels Sprouts, Chickpeas and Quinoa.

The kale would be great in this warm salad w/ sweet potatoes & miso dressing

Leeks simply sauteed in butter  are good with anything!

Or if you’re feeling fancy make wonderful leek, egg & goat cheese bruschetta.


January 7, 2020

Happy New Year!

I so love winter slaws and your kohlrabi, carrots and any leftover radishes you might have will be a delicious combination.

Use some of your red onion to make a jar of quick-pickled onions (just thinly sliced onions covered w/ red wine vinegar) and brighten up chilis, quesadillas, salads, rice and beans or sandwiches.

if you’re short on time simply saute your cabbage. I never tire of this, especially with cabbage as good as Laura’s.

You could use some of your savoy cabbage, collards greens and garlic in this Ginger & Garlic Spiced Greens/Cabbage w/ Tofu (or Potatoes).

Beets with Mustard Seeds & Cumin, topped with yogurt continue the Indian theme.

Use collard greens in stead of chard and some of your potatoes  in this wonderful peanut stew.

Kohlrabi (or Kohlrabi and Potato) Latke’s are a great idea.


December 17, 2019

Use some of your Watermelon or Black Spanish Radish and sugarloaf for a version of this salad.

Or make this Winter ‘Everything’ Salad with some of your carrots, sugarloaf and even some toasted pumpkin seeds from your pumpkin!

This white bean and sugarloaf soup would also be great.

I made a version of this soup (ramen) with sauteed Brussels Sprouts, once instead of the salmon and one instead of the noodles. Just sear sprout, halve or quartered, in a bit of oil and salt until just tender and then add to the broth when serving.

This salad of apples and radishes would be good with either watermelon or Black Spanish.

Stuff and roast that pumpkin!

Roasted delicata slices are ever so simple and ever so good.

Maybe make a Spanish tortilla with your potatoes.

December 3, 2019

For a quick tutorial on “butchering”  your giant kohlrabi you might enjoy this video!

And use some of your kohlrabi and daikon and parsley to make this delicious slaw.

Or simply braise the kohlrabi. Don’t be put off by the simplicity of this recipe. Everything Laura grows is so delicious it doesn’t need much culinary trickery.

Speaking of simple, I ate a whole celery root in one sitting prepared like this (without bacon) the other day.

Employ some of your leeks and celery root in this velvety soup.

Daikon and scallion pancakes sound good for a cold night.

Make this simple salmon and noodle dish and briefly simmer some Brussels Sprout greens in the broth before adding the noodles and fish or tofu. You won’t need the cilantro then or add it too!

Or simply saute the Brussels Sprout greens with some garlic and then finish with a little soy or fish sauce and a squeeze of lime juice.

Or roast your Brussels Sprout tops.


Celery Root and Leek Baked Pasta would also be good this week.

This salad of Black Futsu Squash, White Beans & Parsley is pretty wonderful!



November 20, 2019

This warm salad of Brussels Sprouts with walnuts and cilantro will be the first thing I make with our Brussels Sprouts! And I’ll have several servings at Thanksgiving dinner.


Or use some of them raw on this wonderful salad.

Or use some of your green cabbage for a similar salad that was inspired by my grandmother’s Waldorf Salad and includes walnuts and apples.

This is much quicker than cabbage rolls; it’s a sort of deconstructed version.

Use some of your celery in this beautiful salad with barley and pomegranate seeds.

Mashed Turnips and Potatoes are delicious and a bit lighter seeming than straight mashed potatoes.

This Beet Dip w/ Sage & Thyme might be a nice appetizer for Thanksgiving dinner.

Stuff your pie pumpkin for a delicious, edible centerpiece!


November 5, 2019

Welcome to the 47th Ave Winter share! Much of this collection of recipes, particularly the winter ones, have been created with and for 47th Ave members over many years. You’re in for a delicious winter!


This Salad of Fennel, Carrots, Radicchio (Escarole) with Sage & Parmesan would be delicious this week.

Savory Braised Escarole w/ White Beans would be good.

This very simple of dish of roasted celeriac w/ coriander and lemon is delicious.

Or combine your celeriac and potatoes in this gratin.

This simple curry with collard greens and potatoes would be perfect this week.

Simple roast your acorn squash with some herbs and enjoy!

You could employ some of your carrots, onions, garlic, fennel and potatoes in this lovely lentil soup.

October 15, 2019

This beet salad would be delicious.

The dill and beets this week would be fantastic in this dip.

I used my last bunch of dill to make this Green Sauce (though I skipped the egg and didn’t have any tarragon) and will do the same this week, I think. I used a portion of the sauce, mixed with a combo of plain yogurt and mayo for an amazing sauce for simply baked salmon.

You can make a salsa verde of sorts with your green tomatoes.

This dish of braised cabbage and meatballs would be excellent on one of the upcoming rainy nights.

Or make this 10-minute Red Curry Cabbage with peanuts.

You could make fajitas with your onions and sweet peppers.

October 1, 2019

The cauliflower and potatoes (from last week) and some tomatoes and hot peppers (substituting for the dried ones) would be great in this Aloo Gobi.

Simple braised kohlrabi is so good!

Or adapt this crunchy kohlrabi slaw and use parsley and some sweet and hot peppers.

This warming chickpea chili uses tomatoes, garlic and hot peppers this week and would be nice on these cold nights.

You can use both sweet and hot peppers to make harissa this week.

Or make this hearty salad of lentils, roasted sweet peppers and parsley.

This bean and cabbage soup with herbs dumplings is quicker to make than it looks.

Or make roasted cabbage wedges and call it good!


September 17, 2019

It’s time for salsa verde with this weeks beautiful tomatillos, hot peppers, onion and cilantro. 

Or make chicken or pork verde.

Simply sauteed beet greens are simply the best!

Chard, tomatoes, hot peppers and cilantro are all put to use in this delicious (vegan but substantial) peanut stew.

Sweet and hot peppers, broccoli and onions would make a lovely vegetable skillet this week. Toss in some chard and/or beet greens as well.

This simple chicken with sweet peppers and tomatoes would be good this week.


September 3, 2019

This Eggplant & Tomato Curry is a new favorite and leftovers are divine!

Or make Baba Ganoush.

I have been making composed salads that look like this lately with the torpedo onions, tomatoes, cukes, basil and a little mozzarella or feta. I use my basic vinaigrette for the dressing. Just slice and arrange as you see fit and drizzle with plenty of dressing. You could also broil or saute some eggplant slices and fit them in here too.

Your carrots, broccoli/cauliflower, onions and any peppers you might have would be great here.

This salad with a creamy miso dressing is a nice change of pace from my usual vinaigrette.

This hearty grain salad uses some of your tomatoes, cukes, basil and onion.

Time for pesto:


August 20, 2019

Green Salad w/ Peaches, Blue cheese, & Toasted Seeds might be good this week.

Your Thai basil and eggplant would be good with this tahini miso sauce.

Coconut Rice w/ Corn & Thai Basil is delicious and makes a good potluck dish or lunch for the week.

Your cucumbers will make excellent tzatziki. I just eat it on toast or with hardboiled eggs or with chickpeas and tomatoes and bread, . . .

Pasta w/ Eggplant and Tomatoes is a quick, fabulous dish. The capers make it extra savory an delicious.

Also a good week for Greek Salad with your onion, tomatoes and cukes.


Beets are so tender and sweet this time of year they don’t need much–a little vinegar and salt might be enough.



August, 6 2019

It’s time for Salad Nicoise!

Salmon with Chard & Parsley Pesto might be good for this hot week.

Or use your chard for Chickpea and Chard Curry with Tomato & Coconut Milk.

This toasted bread salad with Mizuna is delicious.

This Cucumber and Mint Salad w/ Feta will help keep things cool this week.

How about a cool Zucchini & Basil soup?

Skip the carrots and just use your turnips for this quick sweet and sour dish.


July 23, 2019

Summer Squash “Butter” w/ Herbs uses a lot of zucchini and is versatile and so good.

Turn your zucchini into a one-dish meal with this quinoa, sausage and cumin affair.


Grilled whole fava beans might be good this week!

You can skip the peas here and just make this simple salad of new potatoes, fava beans and mint for a lovely side.

This classic Italian Sformato (vegetable custard) uses both zucchini and chard and is a nice cool dish on a warm night.

Make this quick-pickled cucumber salad with lots of garlic and ginger.

Turn your cucumbers into a meal with this fried tofu w/ Cucumber and peanuts dish.

The cabbage is so tender and sweet you could just saute it, fry some potatoes and fry and egg and call it dinner.


July 9, 2019

Some of your fennel, chard stems and zucchini would be great here.

Napa cabbage w/ hot bacon dressing is quick to make and delicious.

Or make kimchi!

This miso dressing is a nice variation on a classic vinaigrette.

This lemony fennel salad with cilantro is so good!


This is a little more involved than most of my recipes but this Italian vegetable custard is delicious and elegant and would use your zucchini and chard this week–Chard & Summer Squash Cake.

The chard would also be good in this dish with bulgar and harissa.

June 25, 2019

Use your turnips, dill, radish micro-greens and some spring onion would be delicious in this salad.

Your your kale and/or radish micro-greens for this wonderful tofu stir-fry.

The dill and radish micro-greens would also make a lovely frittata.

This Rice Noodle (or any noodle!) Salad would be great with your Joi Choi and spring onions (instead of the scallions).

Quick and delicious: Sauteed fava greens and bacon. Sub onions and/or garlic for bacon and add a little cayenne, too.

If you can get your hands on some peas, this is a great salad. Or dice your salad turnips and a little red onion and use that instead. It will be delicious in any case.



June 11, 2019

I keep my dried cayenne peppers in a bowl near my prep area in the kitchen and reach for it almost daily. I slice off tiny slivers–they’re pretty hot–and mince them and add them to dressings, sauces, beans, soups, stir-fries, eggs. Be sure to wash your hands after you handle them!

Make this simple salad with your lettuces.


Make this quick dish with your joi choi, simply sauteeing stems and leaves and dressing with a bright sauce of fresh ginger, garlic, lime juice, soy and/or fish sauce.

Your yukina savoy you can simple saute and maybe serve it with a grain and nice sauce.

Your new garlic would make a spectacular aioli which you could serve with your radishes, grilled onions, or anything really.

I’ve simply been slicing and broiling the spring onions. They’re so good.

Miso-braised turnips–by all means add the greens–is always delicious.


May 28, 2019


A note about your radish microgreens: They’re tender and peppery and wonderful in egg salad or added to any sandwich as is or tossed into a green or potato salad or stirred into scrambled eggs.


Toss your green garlic stalks–the more fibrous, green parts, into your pot of beans or any soup you’re making. And use the green garlic and garlic scapes liberally, especially if cooking them. They’re mild and tender and add so much flavor and depth.


Broiling garlic scapes turns them sweet and tender in just a few minutes.  Then you can enjoy them as is as a side–they’re fun to eat with your hands–or chop them up and make a little relish/sauce with parsley, capers and lemon juice.

Use some of your green garlic and winter squash to make this fantastic and simple dish of roasted squash with a garlicky, spicy yogurt sauce. You could also use your radish microgreens here instead of cilantro.

You could grill or broil your onions with some mushrooms for this savory side.


A frittata is the perfect foil for lots of green garlic and or garlic scapes, a few potatoes and maybe even your radish microgreens.

You could make a mini version of this spring salad with just radishes, radish microgreens, some sweet onions and either a little green garlic or garlic scapes. Toss in some cubed, toasted bread and some feta for a lovely, lovely dish.

Your dry beans, cooked with plenty of green garlic stalks, would make a wonderful pasta fagioli.

May 21, 2019

Add your green garlic greens and any ratty spring onion tops to your beans, when cooking. The bean broth will be delicious and a perfect base for spring minestrone with said beans, salad turnips, potatoes and you can finish with pea microgreens.


I have just added several new recipes using garlic scapes and the tender pea microgreens.


May 14, 2019

The summer share is here! Hurray!

A note about the daikon radish micro-greens: they’re tender and a little peppery and are wonderful in any salad, green or other. I would add them to a potato salad or a simple green salad. You can add them to a spring soup (see below), stir them into scrambled eggs or chop them up a bit and put them on a sandwich or a taco.


But let’s start with an idea for the sweet, nutty and wonderful tetsukabuto winter squash. This coconut milk curry would be wonderful especially since it’s going to be cooling off this week. You could add your hakurei turnips to this dish as well, but towards the end of the cooking time since they’re so tender.

This is the springy soup for the week: potato, green garlic and spring onion and some of your micro-greens.

If you prep the chicken and potatoes in the morning and put them in the oven the minute you get home you can manage this meal on a weeknight. It’s a beautiful platter of food, employing the chard, potatoes and spring onions. You can also substitute canned Oregon Albacore or hardboiled eggs for the chicken for a quicker meal.

Your spring Walla Wallas and turnips would delicious in this dish of Turmeric-roasted spring vegetables with (or without) Chickpeas.

Saute all your green garlic in a little butter or olive oil and dress some pasta with this and some granted Parmesan and plenty of black pepper and enjoy!

You could use your dry beans and chard or turnip tops for this delicious one-dish meal: Jamaican Rice & Beans with Greens.



April 16, 2019

It’s still plenty cold for Potato Leek Soup this week. You could garnish it with some of your pea micro greens or some green garlic greens.

Or you could use your leeks and beans for this ragout and enjoy it over polenta.

I’ve been loving my winter squash and this dish of roasted winter squash and onions with tahini sauce might fit the bill. The fresh parsley makes it springy.

You could use your dry beans to make Pasta Fagioli, the Tuscan bean and pasta stew, employing some of your cayenne pepper and possibly some rosemary as well.

Make aioli with some of your green garlic.


April 2, 2019

I forget how wonderful kale pesto is. Good on toast or on a sandwich, with eggs or beans and of coarse pasta.

You might call this in Italian version of colcannon, the Irish cabbage and potato mash. Here leeks and potatoes are mashed and topped w/ crispy capers and parsley.

Or make this delicious white bean stew with leeks and sausages.  You could add some potatoes to this as well.

These braised parsnips with onion, sage and white wine are elegant and simple. Use shallots in places of the onions if you’d like.

Use your collard raab to enhance a simple rice bowl.

I love this winter roots slaw variation so much; use some of your carrots and watermelon radish and even some grated raw beet, if you’d like.

How about this winter squash salad w/ feta and harissa?

March 19, 2019

Parsnips! I’ll probably just roast mine simply but if you’re feeling fancy, make this parsnip crusted quiche. You can substitute collard greens for the mustard greens in the recipe.

Before citrus season ends make this collard greens dish.

For a simple supper or weekday lunches, this room temp dish of sauteed Brussels Sprouts, chickpeas and quinoa with a lemony dressing, is just right.

Chicken with Leeks and Lemon might be nice this week–has a bit of a springy feel!

A simple way to enjoy the first of the purple sprouting broccoli.

I have fallen in love with this dish again: Winter Squash Caponata. Make it!

March 5, 2019

It’s a good week for caldo verde, the Portuguese potato, cabbage/kale and chorizo soup.

This skirt steak with kohlrabi and carrots, ginger and chili paste might be good this week.

Use your rutabaga and some of your onions (or shallots from the last share) to make this simple and delicious sweet and sour dish.

Or make a mash with the rutabaga and some potatoes.

Use some of your leeks and cabbage for this curried dish with coconut milk.

This Italian-style cabbage stewed w/ tomatoes and rice might be good on one of these cold evenings.

February 19, 2019

I have yet to write up and photograph this new and incredibly good Celeriac recipe but it’s very simple:

Preheat oven to 350. Trim and cut celeriac (however much you want to use) into about 2/3-inch thick slabs and then cut into pieces about 2 x 3″. Toast 1 teaspoon (or more if you’re making a lot) coriander seeds in a dry skillet for about 90 seconds until toasty smelling. Cool and crush in a mortar or spice grinder. Toss celery root pieces with crushed coriander seeds, plenty of salt and some black pepper. Drizzle with olive oil and put in an ovenproof dish. Add 1/3 cup water and cover tightly with foil. Bake for about 45 minutes or until very tender. Serve with a squeeze of lemon juice and a bit more salt.

Or make this Celery Root & Wheat Berry Salad for a hearty winter salad.

Or make these Scalloped Potatoes and use 1/2 Celeriac and 1/2 potatoes.

This warm Brussels sprout salad with toasted nuts and cilantro is delicious.


This Mustard Seed Curry w/ Collards, Potatoes and coconut milk is simple and can be augmented with tofu or chicken or chunks of winter squash.

Or make Collards w/ Winter Squash & Bacon.

Use some shallots or onions and winter squash to make this wintry version of caponata. It’s really, really good.

You could use some potatoes, carrots, winter squash, onions and/or shallots in this Miso & Cider Vinegar Roasted Vegetables.

I’ve been enjoying this simple grated carrot salad lately. Don’t skimp on the toasted seeds.


February 5, 2019


Some of your butternut squash would be delicious in this creamy spread made with tahini.

Watermelon radish, carrots, red onions would all be lovely in this chickpea salad.

Make this quick pasta with some of your Brussels sprouts, lemon and capers.

Some of your savoy cabbage, carrots and leeks would be lovely in this soup with dumplings.

Combine your turnip with a few potatoes and make a mash on one of these cold nights!


January 22, 2019

Use your savoy cabbage to make these fantastic deconstructed cabbage rolls.

This is a simple and lovely way to prepare your acorn squash.

Or if you have Spaghetti squash this week you can employ this treatment where it’s roasted and then tossed with herbs and a little melted butter and/or olive oil.

These Brussels Sprouts quickly cooked with miso and sesame seeds are fantastic.

You could use some of your enormous beet to make this beautiful and savory beet dip. Having this on hand in the fridge will make for tasty snacking.

You could mash your rutabaga, one its own or with some potatoes.



January 8, 2019

Rice and lentils are further enhanced by sweet, earthy celery root in this simple, warming soup.

Or how about Celery Root & Leek baked pasta?

Black Radish pancakes would be nice on one of these chilly evenings.

Marina di Chioggia winter squash is one of my very favorites. It’s delicious in soups, roasted, in muffins or quick bread or roasted and tossed with greens in a salad or sauteed greens. It keeps its shape, has a smooth texture and is so flavorful. Since it’s so large and knobby it’s easiest to bake it in large wedges or even just cut in half and then peel it after baking. It would be delicious  in this squash and onion panade this week.

Caramelized onions are delicious just with bread and cheese and a few pickles or on a pizza or alongside roasted meats.

These stewed greens and potatoes with yogurt sauce would be good with either your kale or Brussels sprout greens this week.


December 18, 2018

White Beans, Leeks & Sausage this week . . .

This wonderful, quick citrusy dish would be wonderful with your collard greens this week.

Simple, braised kohlrabi is just delicious and a good accompaniment to many a wintry dish.

Or if you have a little more time make this Kohlrabi Fritters. They are fantastic!

Celery Root and Leek Baked Pasta would be good this week.

Your chicory would be delicious in a wintry Nicoise salad.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Fish-sauce Dressing.


December 4, 2018

Roasted black futsu squash with soy sauce and ginger would be delicious. And no need to peel these lovely little squash!

You could use some of your carrots, turnips, purple potatoes and garlic in this beef, barley and vegetable soup.

Combine sweet, earthy beets with the chicory (and some fresh goat cheese) for a memorable salad.

Your kale would be nice in this very quick, one-pot pasta tomato and sausage (or beans) and greens.

You could make this slaw with the watermelon radish and some carrots but the watermelon radishes are so very good just as a snack too.

Turn your cabbage into a quick, main dish with this red curry with peanuts.

November 13, 2018

Happy almost Thanksgiving!


This salad with apples, nuts and blue cheese would be great with your sugarloaf chicory and would be lovely on the Thanksgiving table.

For a twist on simply sauteed or roasted Brussels Sprouts make this version with miso and sesame seeds.


If you’re not using all your celery for stuffing or soups (Turkey noodle soup after T-day?!) then make this fantastic salad with chickpeas and toasted almonds.

Your collards would be delicious with some of your delicata squash and a little bacon in this simple one-skillet preparation.

Use your turnips and toss in a few potatoes for this delicious mash.


You could use some of your jalapenos to make a version of this green harissa, that will then add flavor to lots of different dishes.

Pumpkin pie!


This simple and flavorful Portuguese soup would be delicious with some of your kale and potatoes this week.

Use some of your watermelon radish in this hearty, crunchy, wintry salad with chickpeas.

This hearty tartines of stewed leeks, goat cheese and chopped egg are an all-time favorite.

This Fennel Pilaf would be perfect this week.

You could use some of your watermelon radishes or turnips and arugula for this quick flank steak salad.

Finally, I would suggest just halving the acorn squash, scooping out the seeds and baking it cut side down until tender in a 400 degree oven. That way you don’t have to fight the tough shell-like skin very much. You can season it in many ways, from the classic butter and brown sugar to olive oil, parsley and garlic to cumin and chili flakes.


October 16, 2018

Pasta with Romanesco, Hot Pepper and Parmesan would be perfect this week. And you can just make the flavorful vegetable part and skip the pasta and serve it with a frittata or some roasted or grilled meat or stewed beans.

I’ve been making a fall minestrone with carrots, peppers, fennel and the spring raab. Use this template and mix and match your vegetables to your taste.

This delicious, savory, hearty side dish came about last week as I needed to use up fennel, sweet and hot peppers, a tomato or two and cauliflower leaves. Green tomatoes would work well here too.

These sweet and sour turnips and carrots would be wonderful this week.

This dish of gingery tofu and greens would be wonderful with your spring raab.



October 2, 2018

Make these delicious Punjabi-style Potatoes and Tomatoes and use some of your hot peppers as well.

Use your Spring Raab and some tomatoes to make this quick, delicious, one-dish meal.


If you still have Napa cabbage and a few carrots you could make a batch of kimchi.

This dish of braised sweet peppers, fennel and onions would be great this week.

This is another good, meal-in-one; Cauliflower, Rice and Coconut Milk “Casserole”.

Collard Greens with Tomato and Bread Crumbs might fit the bill this week.


September 18, 2018

Use your Jimmy Nardello peppers and red onions and a little tomato to make this wonderful ragout to top polenta, pasta, or anything else really.

Or use your peppers for this simple, simple dish. The purple potatoes would be beautiful, too!

This Napa cabbage slaw with mint and apples would be lovely.

Make these daikon pancakes and use some red onion instead of scallions.

Onions and ginger enliven this silky collard greens.

This super quick dry red curry with broccoli and toasted peanuts might be good this week.

September 4, 2018

This is a lovely, hearty, vegetarian dish: White Beans with Carrots and Yogurt and Dill.

Might be a good week for pickled Dilled Carrot  Spears.

Tomato Bulgur with Basil and Garlic is quick, satisfying and delicious and can be adapted to suit your taste.

Pesto time!

These Miso-braised Turnips are always a good idea.

And finally this Cook-with-what-you-have Salad w/ Creamy Miso Dressing might be good this week, too.

August 21, 2018

Your summer squash, braised with tomatoes and finished with lemon might be good this week.

You could use  one some of your dill and beets for this cool and lovely beet “tzatziki” or make a traditional one with your cucumbers.

Or make this unusual but delicious German dish of braised cucumbers with dill and sour cream.

Corn, Cucumber Salad with Buttermilk Dressing might be good for one of these hot nights.

Or toss your corn with your tomatoes, maybe some of the purple potatoes (instead of/or in addition to the black beans here).

August 6, 2018

Your Summerfest Komatsuna is delicious in a quick stir fry with noodles.

This dish of green beans, potatoes and tomatoes is so much more than the sum of its parts. If you can bear to have the stove on for this long, give it a try!

Use some of your cucumbers to make raita and put it on everything. It’s cooling, a little spicy and just so good.

This sweet, sour and hot Chinese eggplant dish is quick and delicious.

I’ve been adding peaches to my green salads but you could use apples or berries here as well. I just like the addition of a handful of fruit to these savory salads.

July 24, 2018

These simple buttery green beans and onions would be lovely this week.

If you have any Napa cabbage left, make this really bright, flavorful slaw with your Summerfest Komatsuna. You might even be able to make a version with just Summerfest if you don’t have Napa or maybe add a little romaine. Give it a try!

Even though it’s going to be hot this simple, coconut milk summer squash and potato curry is really quick and tasty.

Your romaine would be good in this template cook-with-what-you-have salad of greens and beans and if you still have some dry beans left, cook those and make this your lunch option for the week. Spring onions and blanched green beans would be good in this as well.

This quick-pickled cucumber salad is one of my favorites! And you can use a little of your dried cayennes from a recent share.


July 10, 2018

You could us your Summerfest Komatsuna in place of the spinach in this dish with chickpeas and a miso tahini sauce.

This Zucchini and Orzo Salad is a great template and is wonderful with dill.

Either dill or cilantro would be delicious in this Savory Bread Pudding as would some of your garlic and even some sauteed summer squash.

Cook your dry beans an then have them on hand for bowls like these. Some of your cilantro and/or Napa cabbage would be great here and you could use some of your dried cayenne from last week in the tahini sauce.

If we get gorgeous Romaine like last week I’ll certainly be making Caesar salad.

Or I’ll make this salad with dill and buttermilk dressing.

June 26, 2018

Use your Napa cabbage and spring onions in this easy, delicious dish.

You could make this snap pea risotto and toss in your radish micro greens at the very end instead of pea shoots.

Seems time for the Lettuce Management post w/ lots of ideas for cleaning, storage, salad variations, etc.

Your salad turnips and summer squash (instead of the purple sprouting broccoli in this photo) would be delicious in a green curry.

Joi Choi is delicious in this warm dish with ginger dressing.

June 12, 2018

Your snap peas would make a wonderful pasta carbonara variation.

Miso-braised Salad Turnips is one of my favorite preparations for this tender root.

If you’ve accumulated some potatoes you could make this stewed potatoes and spinach dish with yogurt sauce (and red lentils, if you’d like).

This simple salad would be good with your baby lettuces, radishes, snap peas, new garlic and some of the radish micro-greens.

May 29, 2018

Grill your perfect, young fava beans and spring onions together in this savory marinade and use plenty of your spring garlic in the marinade.

You could use your turnip greens and cauliflower leaves and lots of garlic scapes in this dish of greens, couscous and eggs.

This beautiful of pan of Turmeric Roasted Spring Vegetables would be a good use of radishes, turnips and spring onions.

This cauliflower and garlic frittata would be perfect this week, using either garlic scapes or new garlic or both.

This hearty salad with Israeli couscous, turnips and radishes would be a great place for your micro pea shoots.

May 15, 2018

Welcome to the 47th Ave Farm Summer Share! I’ll be posting recipes here every other week that use the produce in your share. Please let me know if you have any questions–katherine@cookwithwhatyouhave.com. Happy Cooking!


This Bean & Farro soup would be benefit from your celery and green garlic and highlight those gorgeous dry beans.

Your baby lettuce will be delicious in this salad with some green garlic and the microgreens (instead of the basil called for).

This Cauliflower, Potato & Sausage Skillet is a quick meal-in-one. You can skip the sausage and a bit more potato and tomato in stead.

And Cauliflower Mac & Cheese is always a hit!

Spring Onion Pancakes are delicious with their soy and rice vinegar dipping sauce.

April 16, 2018

I made this Cauliflower and Green Garlic Frittata (using all the leaves from the cauliflower too) with our last share. It’s so delicious.

This bowl of polenta topped with a vegetable ragout of leeks, carrots, onions, green garlic would be lovely this week. You could certainly add some collards to the ragout as well.

This Winter Squash (and bean) and Barley Soup will be good this week because it still feels like winter! You could top it with some of our radish seedlings for a springy accent. 

This Cauliflower, Potato and Sausage Skillet would also be good this week. And radish seedlings would be a good garnish here as well.

Purple sprouting broccoli from the last share turned into this quick, delicious, stir-fry with ground beef (lamb wold be delicious too).

April 3, 2018

I’ve made this potato leek soup twice in the last 10 days, using the leeks and potatoes from the share and it’s just so good. You could use some of your micro greens or thinly sliced green garlic tops as garnish.

You could use your micro greens (subbing for the sorrel and/or parsley) and some of your green garlic in this springy, vibrant and hearty grain salad. If you don’t have frikeh (toasted green wheat) use barley, wheat berries or farro.


If you have leftover hardboiled eggs from Easter you could use some in this lovely Spanish-style roasted cauliflower salad.

This dish of purple sprouting with leeks, garlic, and Parmesan would be delicious this week.

Forgive the awful photo but do make this roasted onion and winter squash dish with a lemony tahini sauce.

I’m making Zwiebelkuchen (onion tart) with some of my delicious 47th ave onions this week.


March 20, 2018

Oh the greens this week! This beautiful pot of Thai-inspired green curry would be a good place for some of your purple sprouting broccoli, spinach, potatoes and/or collards. And you can skip the chicken for a vegetarian version.

You can substitute winter squash for the sweet potatoes and collards for the kale in this warm, hearty salad with a miso dressing.

Use your black radish to make this quick little slaw/spread with yogurt or sour cream and use some of your onions instead of the scallions called for.

If you have a back log of onions is might be time for the wonderful, warming Indian dish Mojadra (lentils and rice with caramelized onions). It’s supposed to be very cold this weekend.

March 6, 2018

This week’s share enables one of my favorite soups of all time. Use your leeks and chard for this lovely dish.

Your sweet little cabbages would be wonderful in this quick braised dish.

Here’s a simple preparation for your Raab and a handful of quick variations/combinations.

Turmeric, ginger and mustard seeds season this fragrant dish of spinach and potatoes.

This winter squash & peanut stew would be delicious with the butternut or winter sweet squash.


February 20, 2018

Make this Red Curry w/ Rutabaga & Winter Squash this week if you want a little spice and warmth.

Or make Rutabaga & Carrot Latkes.

This Braised Collard & Cabbage Dish with Garlic & Hot Pepper might provide some warmth on this very cold week.

Use some of your butternut squash and red onions to make this wintry version of caponata. It’s so good!


February 6, 2018

These Roasted (or panfried) Brussels Sprouts with Fish Sauce Vinaigrette would be good this week.

It would be a very good week for this Beef Stew with Kohlrabi, Turnips and Carrots.

Kale Raab, White Bean & Pickled Onions would be lovely on one of these springy evenings. Add a little cayenne to this as well.

Your Butternut squash would be good in this Spiced Lentil Salad and you could also roast some turnips alongside the squash.

These Leek and Potato pancakes are awfully good!

January 23, 2018

The rutabagas are so sweet and delicious and would be good, along with carrots, maybe fennel and even some delicata squash in this Roasted Roots (I realize fennel and squash aren’t roots:) with Citrus Rosemary Vinaigrette.

This Brussel Sprout Pasta “Risotto” with or without Bacon is as delicious as it gets.

Slice some of your red onion thinly and cover with red wine vinegar to enliven sandwiches, tacos, roasted vegetables, meats, beans. . ..

The kale is so good right now you could simple braise it and serve it on garlicky toasted bread with plenty of good olive oil.

This Fennel and Orange Salad w/ Red Onions would be just lovely this week.


Your collard greens and some of your winter squash would be tasty in this simple one-skillet dish.

Marina di Chioggia squash might be my favorite winter squash. It’s meaty and firm and fragrant and delicious in so many ways. It would be great roasted in wedges (you can peel the wedges after roasting, with this simple, spicy cilantro yogurt sauce.

December 12, 2017

I just retested the Kale & Onion Panade recipe using 3 of the cipollini onions and the kale from this week’s share and it’s so delicious.

It would be a great week to make this white bean and chicory soup using your sugarloaf chicory.

You could use some of your turnips and carrots to make this grated winter salad and/or toss in any daikon, kolrabi or watermelon radish you might have leftover.

This is a favorite new salad with wheat berries and roasted celery root.

I also love this shredded, raw Brussels Sprout salad with apples and sharp cheddar.

Or this Brussels Sprout Pasta “Risotto” w/ or w/out Bacon is the best kind of winter comfort food.

This Roasted Delicata & Tuscan Kale Salad would be a good fit for this share.