Reflections from the Heart & the Kitchen


I have not explicitly written about racism on this platform before even though I’ve shared plenty of personal experiences, from my journey with breast cancer to the challenges and joys of parenting. Cooking and sharing food is deeply personal as is the anti-black racism in this country. Our food system is riddled with injustice, exploitation and racism, as COVID-19 has magnified.


It is hard to unravel all the ways in which I perpetuate systemic racism in America. It comes with knots in my stomach and tightness in my chest. But I have to talk about it. What is more important than love and liberation? That is the goal, so how do we get there? What better place to continue this work than over a shared meal?! I will continue to read and listen, reflect and find specific ways to integrate this work here at Cook With What You Have. I don’t know yet how it will manifest itself but there is plenty of material and urgency!


With love and hope and solidarity,