Last Minute Sandwich (w/ Mizuna and Spicy Mayo)

sandwich w: mizuna Sriracha mayo pickled onions prep

I typically make lunches for my 2nd grader and my husband on week days (and weekends but that’s a different game). I don’t really plan ahead for lunches but often make dinner with an eye towards having leftovers for one or both of those lunches. I know that something will surface in the mornings and this morning this sandwich materialized, for my husband’s lunch. And I even took a photo of it, though it was still dark out so the quality suffered.

The sandwich consists of good bread (the Peasant Levain from Grand Central Bakery in this case). Mayo mixed with minced garlic and some Sriracha
A bunch of chopped Mizuna (a spicy, tender green similar to mustard greens)
Sharp Cheddar
Quick-pickled onions (nothing more than thinly sliced onions in red wine vinegar–that I always keep around for occasions like this and most any other occasion!)

The sandwich got closed up and cut in half and packed up. I hear it was good!

Happy cooking with what you have!

It looks like I inadvertently almost spelled "JOY" with the pickled onions!
It looks like I inadvertently almost spelled “JOY” with the pickled onions!


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