Memberships: Cooks & Farmers

Fall vegetable selection from Sauvie Island Organics

May 15, 2014 Cook With What You Have will  launch a new, subscriber-based Recipe Site for CSA Farms and individual farmers’ market shoppers  that will offer a searchable, tightly curated but deep resource for people interested in cooking truly seasonally and year-round. The site will offer ideas, techniques and recipes for those mustard greens or Japanese salad turnips or chicories or fava greens or beans, or summer squash for the fifth week in a row or cucumbers or Walla Walla Sweets and more common vegetables. The recipes often combine vegetables (and fruits) that are harvested at the same time and that you’ll likely encounter in your CSA box or at a local market–in the vein of what grows together, goes together!

Recipes and tips are written with an eye toward flexibility, giving you ideas of how to substitute one vegetable for another (onions instead shallots, turnip greens instead of spinach . . .). scale up or down, and creatively use what’s in your pantry so that pulling together dinner can be simple and satisfying.

I have for years worked with CSA farms in the Willamette Valley and Portland area (Sungold FarmSauvie Island Organics47th Ave. Farm, and Minto Island Growers) for whom I created customized recipes for their share members. I want to make truly seasonal eating, whether via the farmers’ market or the CSA model an enjoyable and practical experience for more people. By offering tips, recipes and simple and creative ways to use the produce I hope to eliminate any fear or guilt of not using all the produce (you’ll use it all and then some!) or the boredom of making stir-fries every night.


“Katherine’s recipes have transformed the way my family eats. Every week, we look forward to both our basket from our CSA and Katherine’s recipes; she has an incredible way of combining the fresh produce with items we already have in the house — mustard, a lemon, rice — to create unique dishes that everybody loves — even my three teenagers. A CSA basket can at times be daunting: what am I going to do with all of that celeriac? With Katherine’s recipes, I never doubt that we will be able to whip up amazing, healthy dinners every night that utilize everything in the basket. I would not subscribe to the CSA if they did not partner with Katherine!” — K. Raphael