“I am now a complete convert to the one-dish-with-egg-and-bread meal plan! Just whipped up your white bean soup–so incredibly tasty and actually doable at the end of a long day. My 18-year-old was craving “real food” and tried to get me to make some complicated thing from Cook’s Illustrated but I talked her into the soup instead . . . which ended with her saying “that was fantastic!” Thanks for making it!” So thanks for making me a kitchen hero and for bringing so many new and wonderful flavors into our lives.” — S. Bigelow 

It can feel like a coup when you pull things together some nights—without an extra trip to the store—and sit down to a delicious meal. Good food created with an idea, a few staples,  fresh produce and herbs, and minimal stress is most satisfying.  I work with businesses and public agencies within their wellness initiatives.  I offer memberships to CSA farms and individual cooks in the form of a searchable, tightly curated but deep recipe archive for people interested in cooking truly seasonally and year-round.  I offer kitchen/pantry stocking and meal planning consultations and teach occasional classes in my home which are intimate, hands-on and convivial. The joy of simple, good food is contagious and we cook and eat together, share tips, ideas and stories.

I don’t have many rules around food, however,  I eat and cook with whole, mostly unprocessed food. The only trick to embrace a mantra of whole foods is of course that you need to cook. Our stunning array of local produce makes this a surprisingly simple task!