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Fall is here! Apples, pears, winter squash, beautiful cauliflower and greens are in the markets.  Do you need ideas to turn these into delicious, quick meals or preserve some of the bounty?

Kid-friendly dishes; meals that make great leftovers; how to prepare your pantry for quick, everyday meals and more themes are now featured on the new What’s for Dinner? page of the Seasonal Recipe Collection. Visit this one-stop shop for seasonal cooking.

Are you a CSA farmer who would like to give your members access to this deep recipe resource?

Cooking at home, and with what you already have—without last minute trips to the store—is truly a way to simplify one’s life. Fresh local produce in combination with a well-stocked pantry and a handful of simple techniques and you are on your way to creative, daily cooking.

Cook With What You Have is a Portland (OR)-based business working with farmers and eaters, teaching cooking classes, developing recipes and partnering with CSA farms, markets, non-profits and businesses to make cooking delicious, locally-sourced meals an accessible, daily joy.

Photo by Shawn Linehan