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Cook With What You Have has launched the  Seasonal Recipe Collection

After years of neighbors and friends calling up or stopping me on the street to ask what they should do with the produce they picked up at the farmers market I realized that I’d been building up to this subscription service for a long time. I’ve been developing recipes for CSA farms for years and have now created a one-stop shop for seasonal cooking for both members of CSA farms as well as all of you fresh vegetable lovers, gardeners, and farmers market shoppers.

Would you like to eat a wider variety of seasonal vegetables but don’t know how to prepare them? Would you like new ideas for all that summer squash or fennel or fava beans? Check out the collection and sign up!

Cooking at home, and with what you already have—without last minute trips to the store—is truly a way to simplify one’s life. Fresh local produce in combination with a well-stocked pantry and a handful of simple techniques and you are on your way to creative, daily cooking.

Cook With What You Have is a Portland (OR)-based business working with farmers and eaters, teaching cooking classes, developing recipes and partnering with markets, non-profits and businesses to make cooking delicious, locally-sourced meals an accessible, daily joy.

Photo by Shawn Linehan