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I love vegetables! I love cooking with what’s in season and what my pantry offers up on any given day. This is why I created the Seasonal Recipe Collection. Get creative and comfortable cooking on the fly with 750+ recipes, tips and ideas in this one-stop “recipe” shop!

I don’t know what I would do without access to your recipes and inspiration. Thank you for continuing to encourage and inspire. I am starting work as a new RN at a local hospital, and without your organizational tips this family would dissolve into an unhealthy chaos. My husband is a cancer survivor and a solid organ transplant recipient, so we really can’t risk slipping into unhealthy eating habits. Plus, we have a newly-vegetarian teenage daughter who is thriving on your salad combinations.”

Sharon D., Recipe Collection Subscriber since 2015, Wisconsin

Are you a CSA farmer who would like to give your members access to this deep recipe resource?

Cook With What You Have is a Portland (OR)-based business working with farmers and eaters, teaching cooking classes, developing recipes and partnering with CSA farms, markets, non-profits and businesses to make cooking delicious meals an accessible, daily joy.

Photo by Shawn Linehan