The Beauty and Simplicity of Sometimes Having No Choice

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7 Responses to “The Beauty and Simplicity of Sometimes Having No Choice”

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  1. Mary Lane says:

    Beautifully written post. I love learning that I should try radish greens. (We had tiny broccoli thinnings the other day; I do love greens.) Most of all I love picturing you reading The Elephant’s Child to Ellis!

  2. sdeumling says:

    Mostly I agree with Mary Lane! A lovely post that says a lot. I just finished lunch of fresh asparagus from the garden and (left over) kale patties with the (honey) ketchup made from last summers extra tomatoes.


  3. Brian says:

    ‘Vantage number 8: eating from your CSA is just plain healthier and better for you whether you’re 8 or great or 80!

  4. Colleen Reardon says:

    So I live in a huge wonderful city with a huge viable amount of farmland nearby. I love to change up the family meals as spring greens and summer veggies come into season. I recently read an article about city kids diet and nutrition going down in the summer after losing school lunches, if school lunches are the most positive example, then we need to go strong and promote healthy living and eating! Keep on, keeping on!

  5. Tanks for writing! Love it. 🙂

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